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The 411 on Mistress Molly…

From each curl on my head - down to the manicure on my toes:

I am a perfectionist. I pay attention to everything, which means I have a eye for detail and this is beneficial to my clients because you will find yourself pleasantly surprised when you are greeted with small signature details complementing my style and making your time that much more enjoyable. You may come over to find my room glistening with candles lit while soft jazz plays setting the tone for the evening as a subtle scent of lavender tickles your nose. I love to use aromatherapy scents (no worries for my married men- I don’t use a bunch of girly smells or perfume!!) in my defused and always use as soothing scent  on my pillows.

Standing almost 6 foot tall in the 4 inch heeled Louboutins’ and Beneath my sexy satin robe or under a slinky black dress perfectly draped to hug my womanly curves, You will remember my three piece lingerie set for months after… From my luxurious silk skin tone thigh highs all the way until my perfectly manicured toes-I leave no detail unnoticed.

I may surprise you with a small heart “tan tattoo” In the most discreet area. Nonetheless you may rest assured that I pay the same amount of attention to all things when I am taking care of myself and you! I am one that easily grows tired of routine and the predictable, I often joke about the terrible monotony of monogamy (LOL! Perhaps that’s why I am divorced and in love with this.)

With that being said it makes me a perfect ”side piece” and most find out quickly they want to be my regular because I am always switching things up and trying to keep things exciting and making myself “New” again. Self Renewal is just as important as self reflection!


I have a few years under my belt as far as experience goes. I am recently back after a six-year hiatus where I was married (for the 2nd time) and working full-time as well as going to school full-time. I can’t deny that I love this job as much as I love you guys, so I am back  and I am ever so joyful that I am able to practice tantra and share my knowledge with you guys. Sometime ago, I started out only offering Lessons in Tantra- which is amazing as once one understands and knows how to properly apply the learned techniques, it is great to help with any ED or PE (Erectile Dysfunction or Pre-Ejaculation) issues that you may be experiencing because of medication or maturating.

 I love receiving the phone calls from past clients who finally were able to work through above-mentioned issues and while almost in tears, they gladly shared with me that they were finally able to do something that they hadn’t in forever- achieve climax!!

Partly to keep up with demand because at this time Craigslist banned the personals section and backpage was the happening spot but also because my work increased and took up so much of my time, I was freshly divorced and my ”personal” life was difficult to keep up with. One thing led to another & I switched up my style of sessions & now I’m in love with what I do now.

Every morning I wake up with a smile on My face and my feet hit the ground running as I yearn for the excitement and rush that I get from the anticipation I feel before each appointment! Fast forward to modern day me and you’ll see that I still offer Tantric lessons but have broadened my horizons… as I have grown so has my different types of sessions.

Now I am Offering a variety of styles that all suit my personality but pamper you and your desires perfectly… start with some simple GFE and you’ll love my style so much I am certain you will be dying to come back to try one of my Role-play or Domination sessions and most recently introducing NURU appointments…

Molly’s Stats:


 Age: 29 

 Birthplace: Louisville Kentucky- born & raised in the East end. 

 Marital status: Single - Very Single 

 Hair color: Dark Brown or Reddish Brown 

 Eye color: Naturally Hazel but sometimes I wear blue or violet contacts! 

 Weight: 130lbs 

 Height: 5 foot 5 inches 

 Shoe size: 8.5 in heels & 6y in Jordans 

 Dress size: Medium or 4/6 

 Bra size: 34c or 34d 

 Body hair: Bald/ Completely Shaved smooth 

 Ethnic background: Native American- Blackfoot & Cherokee and some Nordic decent 

 Education: Some college & Cosmetology Degree 

 Hobbies: Fashion, Computers, astrology & Hiking 

 Favorite meal: Sushi or Rare steak with Cesar salad & sweet potato! 

 Favorite colors: Red, black & pink 

 College Team: Louisville Cardinals 

 Favorite Position: Reverse cowgirl or sideways 

 Favorite movies: Beetle juice or Blow 

 Music: Rap (Gucci mane and Kodak black) or Classic rock (Billy Joel or Anything on 107.7) 

 Favorite scent: Gucci Rush or Miss Dior

A word from the Mistress…